Steico technology

House in STEICO technology – why is it worth it?

Our company DMPREBUILD specializes in the comprehensive construction of houses in the STEICO system. We implement projects made by us, visible on our website, and we implement individual projects. We rely on proven materials that guarantee the highest quality and the most modern system that provide proven solutions.

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Building System STEICO – Natura 2.0

Load-bearing capacity, precision, energy efficiency – modern wooden structures place particularly high demands on wood as a building material. Wherever traditional wood reaches the limits of its possibilities, modern wood-based materials come to the rescue. With them you will build future-oriented structures.

For over 35 years, STEICO has been improving natural wood by creating innovative, technologically advanced materials for timber construction. The STEICO construction system is created while maintaining the unique properties of natural wood: ecology, health, comfort, innovation.