DMP 90

Design: DMP 90
House area: 90 m 2
Dom 9 - 90 m - DMP RREBUILD Budownictwo szkieletowe
DMP 90

House area: 90 m2

Our basic proposal is perfect for people who dream of their own home, having a limited budget. The form of the building will appeal to traditionalists as well as minimalists.

The structure based on the wooden Steico technology allows for excellent energy and environmental parameters in the interior. The façade features calm colors and modern materials. The building is protected against rain and sun by a traditional eaves roof. In the axis of the building there is communication that connects the various rooms.

Main entrance opens directly onto the corridor which connects the wardrobe, utility room and laundry room. The building has three bedrooms – the largest with its own built-in wardrobe, bathroom and a day zone with a living room, a place for a dining room and a kitchen with a pantry that is our trademark. The house impresses with its simplicity and pro-environmental solutions.


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