Modern designs

Being aware of the environmental costs associated with the construction of houses, we decided to offer only buildings that we erect based on modern, sustainable wooden technology Steico .

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We have noticed that the ready-made designs available on the market are designed with traditional construction using ceramics and concrete in mind. Bearing in mind their shortcomings, we focused on developing our own proposals, designed from the beginning with the comfort of use in mind and the optimal use of the Steico wooden construction system.

We have invited specialists who share our passion for sustainable architecture oriented towards environmental aspects.

Our design partner is Pracownia Projektowa Formownia, exploring advanced Mass Timber solutions in construction.

Architects gathered experience by working with experts, from the USA, Austria, Denmark and Finland, where natural material has been used for many years to erect buildings of any scale. We believe that thanks to the use of modern wooden technologies, we can quickly hand over to our clients houses with excellent parameters, while helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

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